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Today I watched a news clip of a couple of college students that did a fake survey in a mall where they asked people if they would kiss a stranger under a mistletoe and then they lowered a mistletoe over the person giving the survey. The news clip showed a woman giving the survey to a guy. When…

Actually I lied a little bit.  It wasn’t a man that slapped a woman, it was a woman that slapped a man for asking for a kiss under a mistletoe.  What really bothered me about the news clip was how the news casters were laughing about it.  I seriously doubt they would have been laughing if a man had slapped a woman.

This kind of thing has bothered me for some time.  Thankfully violence against women has become stigmatized.  But for some reason many people laugh when a woman does it.  Having a vagina doesn’t make a woman less smart, capable, or responsible for her actions.

The owner of this blog sent me a very nice letter (which I was late responding to) which prompted me to go explore her blog. Oh MY! If you are not following her you are a damn fool. :-) She is a sexy, redhead female who has had an interesting journey to become the sex positive person she is today. Oh and did I mention she is hot!

Her comments above ring very true to my ear (and is an example of why many males of my generation are reluctant to make the first overtly sexual move). I don’t care what is between your legs, how you identify your gender or your age. Wrong is wrong.

Check her stuff out… her thoughts and her images!